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Working With Individuals On The Spectrum Will Change You "For The Better"

I recently got an email from a really incredible organization called the Madison House Autism Foundation that is working to bring light to what it is like for many individuals on the spectrum after they reach the age of 21 and age out of public school supports and transition to becoming working members of society. I love this video about Andrew that shows his personal story of becoming a pharmacy aid. One of his co-workers said they were scared about having someone with autism on their work team, but her fondness for Andrew is clear and she says Andrew working there has, "changed me for the better."

With 80% of adults with autism facing unemployment or underemployment, over 2 million people are potentially losing out on the chance to fully participate in not only their lives, but others. It changes people for the better to interact with individuals on every end of the spectrum. Our efforts should go towards making goals to get every child on the spectrum ready to enter the workforce in the way that is right for them by 21. I'm grateful to organizations like Madison House Autism Foundation that are bringing this important topic to a larger audience in a beautiful way.

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