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Meet the mom behind

Would you believe I came up with the idea for while recovering from my second brain surgery?  During an early morning dose of medicine I had a distinct feeling I should check Google News, something I had avoided because moving screens made me sick at that point in my recovery, but I followed the prompting that led me to read an incredible article about a non-verbal teenager with autism. He found his voice through typing after 14 and a half years of silence and for the first time he was telling his parents, therapists, everyone around him, who he was and how he felt. And you know what, he felt just like you and me.

Now this wasn't my first Autism SHIFT experience as I call it. The moment where you read, listen to, or see something that completely shifts the way you look at an individual with autism. It did, however, re-affirm for me how amazing it is that people on the spectrum can educate us about our need to stop underestimating their intelligence and capabilities.

And guess what, I have a child with autism, and of course I love him, but before I had my shift I didn't truly understand his capacities, but after, well now I know he is destined for great things that will unfold in time on his life's journey.

So after sharing that article I told you about on Facebook that morning, and getting so many positive responses, I thought, why not create a website where many more people can have an Autism Shift of their own. And my sincerest desire is once a visitor has an Autism Shift they will SHARE IT with all their friends. One shift at a time we can change the way the world looks at individuals on the spectrum, and I hope every individual with special needs.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this site and open your heart and mind to a shift in the way you think about individuals with autism.

Bryn Booker

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