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Blindness and Autism Don't Stop Christopher Duffley From Fulfilling His Mission in Life

Christopher Duffley said in an interview with ABC News, “Yeah, I have blindness and autism, but it doesn’t stop me!” Christopher became a YouTube star when a video of him singing, “Open the Eyes of My Heart” went viral. It has been viewed millions of times around the world, in large, because Christopher’s special gift for inspiring people resonates.

His voice continues to uplift others with his two-year old podcast called Mission Possible, where he interviews, edits, and engineers 10-minute segments with guests who talk about inspiring stories that show what Christopher believes, that everyone has a special mission and purpose in life.

Christopher’s story in one of determination, drive, and faith. The special voice that he has been given provides him with an outlet to create a successful future for himself. He hopes to become a sound engineer or a radio station operator someday. And because he certainly doesn’t let his blindness and autism stop him, no doubt, he will achieve all he sets out to do. What a great example for us all!

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