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The City of Gresham Shows What It Means To Have An Autism Shift

I think it’s safe to say this entire city has had an Autism Shift! Not many people get a life-size bronze statue of themselves created in their lifetime, but Todd Kirnan is so important to the people of Gresham that he was honored with a parade and a statue. And why did he get such an honor? Because he has served the downtown businesses of Gresham 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for almost 20 years. They say he is the pulse of the community, and he goes above and beyond to make sure they have every detail in order when he makes deliveries to and from local business throughout the day. Todd says, “I like helping people, ya know, making people happy, making people smile.” He cares so much about the people he serves, and they care so much about him. He gets paid for his delivery service, but he gives back way more than he gets paid for.

I love so many things about this story, but I really love how it demonstrates that when an individual with autism finds a place in their community, that they can thrive, and that the people they interact with can become better for it. Congratulations to Todd for his amazing recognition!

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