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Popcorn for the People Lets Adults With Autism Excel At Work

A gourmet popcorn company is dedicating its profits to creating jobs for adults with autism and development disabilities. Popcorn for the People was founded by the Biers, a Rutgers University professor, and a radiologist. They saw a hole in the market when their son Sam, who had tired of his job as a grocery store "cart guy," couldn’t find a job with enough resources to support him with the hard skills, like food preparation and money management, and the soft “watercooler life skills.” Popcorn for the People teaches all of these skills to their employees in a real-world environment.

Improving job opportunities for the many underemployed individuals with autism will take a shift in the way businesses view its costs versus its benefits. Bier’s said that if he could tell other businesses thinking about following his lead that individuals on the spectrum are not only willing and able to work, but they will give you 110%.

You can purchase Popcorn for the People's products online at Every three bags of popcorn sold equates to an hour of employment for an individual with autism! 📷:Popcorn for the People

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