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Philosophical Story Written by Teenager With Autism Gaining Attention

That Place of Knowledge

Philip Shalka is 15 and has written a philosophical story that is gaining attention. A review written about his story, That Place of Knowledge said, “Philip Alan Shalka is one of a kind, and that is not because he was diagnosed with autism. This young 15-year-old has more insight than most adults three times his age." This insight truly makes Philip and other individuals like him one of a kind, with unique talents that offer value to society and show us that a lack of language should certainly not be confused with a lack of intelligence.

On Philip's biography on Amazon he writes about himself, "Understand that you and I are a lot alike in many ways. But the differences are what most people focused on. Well I embrace the differences because I believe that the strength of the human race is in our differences. The very things that make me different are indeed my strengths. My ability to think differently allows me to see life through a unique perspective. The way I think of things would allow me to come up with new ideas that others would not think of. This gives me an advantage that others don't have. "

To purchase Philip's short story you can visit Amazon. To read the full article written about Philip in Ottawa Community News click here.

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