85% of People of Working Age with Autism are Unemployed, See How One Company's Own Autism Shift

In this video you will be amazed by an IT company's Autism at Work program that is deserving of great praise. Before I knew about Autism I was part of interview teams who saw individuals shine on a resume and were expected to be perfect for a job, get cut when their in-person social skills didn't fit the mold of what most companies are looking for.

Now that I know more about Autism I see that it's very possible some of these bright people could have been on the spectrum, making it difficult for them to find jobs because of their differences from people who are neurotypical.

I love how this company SAP looked past what most employers cannot and saw instead the untapped potential and intelligence of individuals on the spectrum. What an impressive organization who has had an Autism Shift and is doing something about it! Let's hope many more follow suit.

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