Fall in "Love on the Spectrum" in New Netflix Series

The City of Gresham Shows What It Means To Have An Autism Shift

Popcorn for the People Lets Adults With Autism Excel At Work

Working With Individuals On The Spectrum Will Change You "For The Better"

Blindness and Autism Don't Stop Christopher Duffley From Fulfilling His Mission in Life

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Niam Jain is a teenager with an amazing talent that was discovered accidently.  His mother, trying to find a summer activity for her son, decided to buy him some paint and canvases and had no idea that it would turn into Niam's passion.  Now his gift for art is turning...

Philip Shalka is 15 and has written a philosophical story that is gaining attention.  A review written about his story, That Place of Knowledge said, “Philip Alan Shalka is one of a kind, and that is not because he was diagnosed with autism. This young 15-year-old has...

Watch this video about Carly Fleischmann and never look at a person with Autism the same again.

Ido Kedar doesn't use words to speak, but he shares his voice using an app on the Ipad.  His school teacher said he doesn't necessarily look like he is paying attention, but he understands everything, he is on his school's honor roll and Ido is intelligent beyond his y...

"Not being able to speak is not the same as not having something to say," is how Dillan's mom so beautifully puts it.  This message needs to get out people!  The world needs to have an Autism Shift, because if they don't, they will be missing out on getting to kno...

Carly Fleischmann answers questions about being a person with Autism on The Dr's Television show.

An amazing article about a 14 and half year old boy with Autism who found his voice through typing and now shares it with the world.

'This letter is not a cry for pity'

KIDS / 22 May '16, 09:00am

Washington - For the first 14 and a half years of Gordy's life, Evan an...

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