Fall in "Love on the Spectrum" in New Netflix Series

The City of Gresham Shows What It Means To Have An Autism Shift

Popcorn for the People Lets Adults With Autism Excel At Work

Working With Individuals On The Spectrum Will Change You "For The Better"

Blindness and Autism Don't Stop Christopher Duffley From Fulfilling His Mission in Life

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Every individual with Autism or a family member of someone with Autism has the opportunity to look at the diagnosis as a curse or a gift.  Hearing stories like Jake's certainly makes me see Autism as the gift it can be.  Watch Jake's story and you decide.

Temple Grandin herself is a woman with Autism and explains why getting young people with autism into the workforce is vital.  I like to say that each individual with Autism has a superpower, I get excited when I think about discovering what Autistic superpower my son h...

Temple Grandin is a rock star in the Autistic community, at least she is to me.  If you watch HBO's movie on her life you will see why.  I think everyone involved in this move is a rock star too!




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