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One book I wish every educator could read is Ido in Autismland by Ido Kedar.  It is the writings of a boy with Autism who, in his own words says, he climbed out of the silent prison of Autism.  He was unable to communicate with those around him until the age of seven a...

I am a therapy mom as I like to call it.  I've sat in the waiting room of speech therapists and occupational therapists for years now and I do a fair amount of observing.  Mostly I am looking for how other children on the spectrum are the same or different from my son,...

Ido Kedar doesn't use words to speak, but he shares his voice using an app on the Ipad.  His school teacher said he doesn't necessarily look like he is paying attention, but he understands everything, he is on his school's honor roll and Ido is intelligent beyond his y...

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